What's In a Name?



Remarqueable was the name of Erin's first horse. He came into her life when she was at a vulnerable age and, like most horse-crazy kids can relate to, he was her friend. A big, goofy horse with the kindest soul, Marq taught Erin the ropes up competing at the elite level. He represented some of her highest highs and lowest lows at that point in her riding career. That principle is the foundation of the company: highs and lows guide the journey to success. Athletes are not defined by their lows, rather, how they grow from them. Although remarkable Marq has since passed away, his legacy lives on in Remarqueable Athletic Solutions.


Our Logo

The RAS lion is inspired by Erin's current mount, Kasarr, whose name translates as “resembling a lion.” Standing a diminutive 15.2 hands, Kasarr embodies lionhearted bravery and fierce qualities of a top competitor. Kasarr had been irreplaceable in Erin's own journey as an athlete and his inspiration is one of the driving forces behind RAS.