S1E2 "Control Based Thinking"

On this week's episode Erin focuses on Control Based Thinking. Control is an essential part of clearing your headspace: thought control, emotional control, and physical control are all parts of mental strength training. What about specifics, what about controlling the ball? controlling your horse? Controlling your opponent, or your environment, or your outcome? How many of these things can you actually control? And if you can’t control something what does that mean for your performance? On this episode, we chat about what is within an athlete’s control and how they can use this way of thinking to shape their performance.

S1E1 "Solution Based Thinking"

S1E1 of “Bit by Bit” with Remarqueable Athletic Solutions LLC’s own Erin McGuire

On Episode 1, Erin McGuire chats about solution-based thinking: how to “not say not” and focus on what you DO want to do.

Mental skills are an important, albeit underrated, contributor to athletic success. Bit by Bit is a collaboration between WISP Sports and Remarqueable Athletic Solutions LLC creator, Erin McGuire. Over the next six episodes Erin will teach you how to think efficiently and effectively then give you tools to leave your nerves in nerves in the locker room and hit game time ready to win. This is episode one of six: thought replacement strategies solution-based thinking.

Solution based thinking: think in terms of the solution not the problems. If I say “don’t look behind you!” What’s the first thing you’re going to do? Right. Whip your head around to see what you missed! Even though I told you “don’t look!” even though there were endless things you could have done; you could have looked forward, up, or down, you could have closed your eyes, or even stayed the same: yet it is likely your initial reaction to do the one thing you were told not to do. What should I have said? Rather than instructing you to refrain from what I didn’t want you to do, I should have instructed you to do what I actually wanted you to do. I could have said “eyes on me” or “look ahead.”

The same thing goes for coaches. Coach what you DO want not what you DON’T want.