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Remarqueable Athletic Solutions is dedicated to helping athletes achieve excellence using tools they already have. We strive to change habits to reflect those of the inner champion. Coaching services include mental and physical strength in addition to nutritional accountability groups.

Mental Strength Training

Our goal is to increase athletic performance. Athletes come to us seeking help in areas such as boosting confidence, controlling nerves, finding motivation, hammering down focus, the list continues. We work with athletes to strengthen their mental weaknesses and level up their mind game. Appointments are tailored to each individual athlete's specific strengths and weaknesses. There are no wrong answers, we find what works best for the individual. We work with of all ages and levels from youths to amateurs to professionals. 

RAS does not provide therapeutic or clinical services such counseling for personal trials or treatment for psychological diagnoses. All services are performance-based. 


All consultations are done over the phone or video chat. Clients local to the NC/SC area may wish to meet in person. Appointments can be scheduled via email and no time or day is off limits- flexibility is part of our promise to you. At the time of your appointment, you will call or FaceTime Erin. Appointments generally last either 25 or 50 minutes depending on the nature. The first session determines where the client can improve and how Erin can help. Following appointments will build upon previous appointments with the exception of Competition Hotline calls during which only pertinent information is discussed. Sessions are tailored to the individual athlete's strengths and weaknesses. At the conclusion of each session clients will receive a follow up email. 

physical strength training

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Nutritional accountability services

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